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Grazie alla nostra conoscenza del territorio offriamo servizi personalizzati per facilitare il vostro quotidiano. Facendo tesoro dell’esperienza accumulata in questi anni di attività, abbiamo sviluppato in modo competente ed attento una serie di servizi personalizzati che vi permetteranno di gestire in modo pratico e con un unico interlocutore, tutto quello che riguarda la vostra abitazione e non solo.

La Relocation

Home Sitting

This service has been designed to give you a thorough assistance about everything concerning maintenance, administration, correspondence and organization of your home. A pleasant support that, as well as facilitating you, allows you to have a single point of contact for the resolution of problems that otherwise would take much of your time and money. We act on your behalf in compliance with your needs and requests while keeping in touch with you directly. We are a practical and safe solution to enjoy your holiday or primary home without complications.

How it works

After a careful evaluation of your personal situation, our person in charge will analyze your real needs and will agree with you about the various operations he will deal with and about how to interact with you. A number of monthly hours will be estimated for you in order to assist you adequately. You may therefore purchase a certain number of hours that will be explained and reported to you based on the agreements made. Hourly rates depend on the geographical area and refer to the company management costs in force in the area you request. For a rough estimate you can contact us by filling out the form below. The person in charge in the chosen area will take contact with you as soon as possible.

Home Cleaning

The Home Cleaning service guarantees the care and attention necessary to keep your home always clean and ready to welcome you. After an overview of the rooms, the qualified staff will draw up an intervention form and will be at your disposal whenever you wish. This service can be scheduled regularly or on demand with a 24 hours’ notice.

Home Cleaning

Il servizio di Home Cleaning vi garantisce la cura e l’attenzione necessaria a mantenere la vostra casa sempre pulita e pronta ad accogliervi. Dopo un’analisi degli spazi il personale qualificato redige una scheda di intervento e sarà a vostra disposizione ogni volta che lo desidererete. Questo servizio può essere programmato con regolarità oppure su richiesta con 24h di preavviso.

La Relocation

Car Sitting

We take a comprehensive care of your cars. We will evaluate any maintenance interventions together as well as the eventual organization of checks and repairs and the management of insurances.

Home Restyling

Our experts will assist you in refurbishing or reorganizing the living spaces with utmost professionalism and attention to your tastes and needs. Our goal is to accompany you into this new adventure taking care of the practical, organizing and administrative sides in order to let you enjoy the result with a carefree attitude. We will be able to advise you and accompany you in all your choices so that the result could reflect what you have desired.

La Relocation

Home and Office Searching

It’s a bespoke service that respects your needs and assists you in finding the ideal location for your settlement in the area. With a targeted evaluation by our experts, we’ll be able to advise you on the ideal geographical area organizing a careful research. You will be accompanied on the visit of what has been selected for you, enjoying a flawless assistance for property contracts management, be it rent or sale. Choose the package that interests you most through our Smoove app (click here to download) or write us using the form below. We’ll be happy to evaluate our future collaboration.

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