Office Relocation

Business Relocation

The delocalization of a working activity requires an in-depth market study and a well-defined initial investment capital, defining the relative goals to be achieved.

If you have already completed this first part of the planning, have already calculated the investment that you can afford, as well as the actual operational spectrum of your business, La Relocation will be able to facilitate you in optimizing the practical and operational part of your activity, helping you in finding a location, in the purchasing of pieces of furniture and electronic equipment, as well as in introducing you to a series of services that are congenial to you (based on your activity) that can vary from managing the internet connection to the contract with international couriers, rather than local suppliers and other services necessary for your business activity. Everything will take into consideration your planned budget. We have also introduced a specific assistance for finding qualified personnel, which can do for you. To that end we use external services on site that will greatly facilitate you.