Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Office Relocation

The right planning and the earnest supervision related to the relocation’s phases are the keys to a successful business development.

Relocating your business requires a highly-specific and careful evaluation, as well as a defined initial investment. Setting up your goals is also a crucial phase.

How does it work?

If you’re already past this initial phase and you’re aware of how much you can invest and of the real productivity of your business, La Relocation can make the operational steps easier, helping you find the right location, assisting you in the purchase of the furniture, the electronic equipment, and all the facilities you need to work properly, such as internet connection, international delivery services, local suppliers, according to your budget.
We also introduced a specific support, designed to help you find qualified staff for your business, in case you need it. In particular, to do so, we use local external services, that will make the whole process way easier.

Office relocation

Evaluation and planning

Relocating your office can be daunting and stressful. We aim to make this experience a positive one and something that can help your future business integrate successfully into the new location.
Since no individual is the same and since your assignment will be different, our services have to be adaptable to match those requirements. As a result, we consult directly with you and your employee to fully understand the needs and concerns of those involved. Once we have a complete understanding, we can plan together all the steps required to achieve your goals.

Moving services

According to your needs and your budget, our team of experts will identify the most suitable areas to settle in with your business. Thanks to our network of local area counsellors, we will shortly organise a first selection of possible locations to view together.
For further information check out the Corporate Relocation section on our website.

Administrative management

We provide you constant assistance in every administrative and practical aspects related to your corporate relocation on our area. Our trusted and well-established network of experts will support you step by step through the whole process, leaving nothing to chance.