Family Relocation


Relocating families

There are many different aspects that must be considered during a family relocation process. La Relocation can support you through every phase. Finding the right type of accomodation, looking for the best solution for your child’s education, searching for a maid service, getting nice furniture and much more, like managing insurance, subscriptions, and all the administrative aspects.

We are specialized in this kind of services and we can provide you the best solution to help you settle in hassle-free.

How does it work?

In order to support you in the most effective way, we kindly ask you to get in touch and schedule a meeting or a preliminary videocall. The nature of our services, in case of both family or business relocation, requires a specific evaluation.
Together we’ll create an advice package and an action plan that will include everything you need for that period of time.
Our aim is to make every phase smooth, and to guide you with the commitment you deserve.

Family relocation

Evaluation and planning

We carefully evaluate each family member’s needs and produce a relocation programme that will detail all aspects of the move and the costs involved from the outset.

Home search service

A detailed briefing and needs assessment will enable us to tailor an orientation to you and your family’s requirements and to identify the areas where to find the ideal type of accomodation based on your preferences.
Thanks to our network of local area counsellors and experts, we will shortly organise a first selection of properties to view, and a personalised accompanied tour of suitable accomodations.

Administrative management

We are aware of the stress involved in processing all the paperwork. That’s why we take care of every administrative and practical aspects related to your move to a new destination. La Relocation will guide you step by step through the whole process, and help you understand your new location and its features, such as administrative system, insurance and tax policies.


We constantly provide you our dedicated support at every stage of your move, so you can integrate yourself smoothly into the new location and build a meaningful life in a short time.
Download our list of services to find out more about how we can help you, even after you settle in. Our packages are flexible and have no expiration date.