Corporate Relocation


Corporate Relocation

La Relocation is the ideal partner for all those businesses that need to provide their employees a specific support through their relocation (EXPAT).

A support service that will help your employees be more productive faster and smoothly.

How does it work?

La Relocation will examinate a series of advice packages according to your business’s needs, in order to help your employees be productive and efficient in a short time.
This service will also provide you a series of documents, in order to successfully apply for the work permit.
Also, using our trusted partners, you’ll be able to get exclusive benefits and interesting discounts in a short time.
After identifying the kind of partnership that suits you the most, we will be able to offer a specific and personalised support to your employees.

Corporate relocation

Evaluation and planning

We put your people before the process, using our experience to build a solution for each individual. We do this through discussing your employee’s and their families needs during their consultation with our coordinators and by creating a detailed plan of how to make your employees transfer to their new location easier and integrate themselves successfully into their new working life.

Home search service

Our professional new home search service builds a plan that meets the needs of your employee, their accompanying family, and the budgetary and policy requirements of your business.
Our local area counsellors will carefully identify the areas where to find a suitable home, then shortly organise a first selection of properties to view, and a personalised accompanied tour of possible accomodations.
La Relocation also provide a dedicated mobile application to help you find the right accomodation if you need to move in within tight deadlines.

Administrative management

We can assist you by expertly guiding you through every administrative and practical aspects related to relocating your employees. La Relocation will support you through the whole process, helping your workforce settling in their new location and understanding its features, such as administrative system, insurance and tax policies. This kind of service can positively affect your business, increasing the chances of a successful assignment by your employees. Less stress and more knowledge means your employee is able to focus on completing their new role and providing effective results at work.


We offer a series of packages to continue supporting your employees even after their integration in the new location. Our tailor-made solutions are specifically and carefully designed to make your and your employees life easier and hassle-free. By relieving the stresses involved with the process of relocating, we enable you and your employees to remain focused on your business, increasing productivity and efficiency.
A list of our services is available to download here. We would recommend this kind of support to people that are not fluent with the language yet, or to frequent travellers.