Where do you want to relocate your family or your employees?

Relocating can be a challenging choice and big step to take.
Managing a mobility process involves the precise coordination of every aspect of the move, such as documentation support, but it also has to ensure that your needs are at the centre of the service provided. Welcome to La Relocation.


Family Relocation

La Relocation guides you throughout this journey. We coordinate the entire process, assisting you with the paperwork and the all the documentation required, ensuring our services are built around every member of your family and their particular needs.

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Corporate Relocation

We are the ideal partner for all those businesses that need to provide their employees a specific support during through their relocation (EXPACT). We simplify the whole process, helping your employees settle in faster and more effectively.

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Office Relocation

Moving a business to our locations involves a careful and effective market research, but also a personalised moving plan and the right assistance with all the documents required. We will guide you through every step of your relocation journey.

"An effective plan will help you settle in more easily and faster."

Are you new? Let us help!

As your relocation company, we will coordinate every aspect of your move. Our experienced team will plan every phase, will carefully evaluate every cost and manage all the deadlines. We will provide you assistance through the administrative documentation, as well as through all the practical required procedures, making the move smooth and easy.

L. Poggioli Maraniello - Owner & C. Culiersi - Business Developer

Tailor-made services

Tailor-made services designed to help you relocate your business, your family or simply for studying abroad.

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